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Entry #9

commissions ~open~

2017-02-18 18:01:27 by spottysneeky

commissions are open

rules for nsfw and stuff??

-i can draw NSFW but yours may take a little longer because my family, you also wont see it posted on my deviant art, it will be posted to my tumblr

-it does not have to be complete NSFW you can have the characters kissing or something if you want

-if you want to request or commission a NSFW drawing send me a reference sheet of your character (or just a drawing of them) and tell me what you want them to be doing, if you want your character to be with a character that is not yours send me a link to the person who made the other character(s) and i will ask them if i can use the character in such a way

-i will refuse to draw certain fetishes, but you can ask me, i dont bite, ill gladly draw gay, lesbian, futa, ect i also haven't drawn furries in a nsfw scene yet so im not sure if ill be good at that, but ill definitely try

-if you're too nervous of people seeing your post asking for a nsfw drawing you can note me and i can use a fake username or "code name" of your choosing, but if it is a real username of someone im going to have you pick another name

-i will draw one of your characters with a character of mine if you ask

rules for sfw and stuff???

-if you want me to draw your character with a character that is not yours send me a link the their deviant art and i will ask 

-send me a picture of the character(s) you want me to draw, keep in mind that i will draw them with what they have on unless you say otherwise, but if you want them to wear something else send me a picture of what you want it to look like


my tumblr:


my Deviantart:



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