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commissions ~open~

2017-02-18 18:01:27 by spottysneeky

commissions are open

rules for nsfw and stuff??

-i can draw NSFW but yours may take a little longer because my family, you also wont see it posted on my deviant art, it will be posted to my tumblr

-it does not have to be complete NSFW you can have the characters kissing or something if you want

-if you want to request or commission a NSFW drawing send me a reference sheet of your character (or just a drawing of them) and tell me what you want them to be doing, if you want your character to be with a character that is not yours send me a link to the person who made the other character(s) and i will ask them if i can use the character in such a way

-i will refuse to draw certain fetishes, but you can ask me, i dont bite, ill gladly draw gay, lesbian, futa, ect i also haven't drawn furries in a nsfw scene yet so im not sure if ill be good at that, but ill definitely try

-if you're too nervous of people seeing your post asking for a nsfw drawing you can note me and i can use a fake username or "code name" of your choosing, but if it is a real username of someone im going to have you pick another name

-i will draw one of your characters with a character of mine if you ask

rules for sfw and stuff???

-if you want me to draw your character with a character that is not yours send me a link the their deviant art and i will ask 

-send me a picture of the character(s) you want me to draw, keep in mind that i will draw them with what they have on unless you say otherwise, but if you want them to wear something else send me a picture of what you want it to look like


my tumblr:


my Deviantart:


i have tumblr!!

2016-10-26 09:04:19 by spottysneeky

i have tumblr


2016-10-08 22:24:53 by spottysneeky

ill be doing some commissions for free if you would like to request a commission write down the EXACT details you want or give me a reference picture a;so keep in mind i only draw oc's, i also draw them in whatever pose i feel sorry ^^;

also if you get a commission please spread the word so more people can get one too ^^

my blog!

2016-08-27 15:39:10 by spottysneeky

my facebook!!

2016-08-27 15:07:30 by spottysneeky


2016-07-31 21:28:23 by spottysneeky

i want to join some maps please send me links to your maps and i will check them out here is my most recent and best animation i have on my youtube channel



2016-07-19 12:02:20 by spottysneeky please join my map and read the rules in the description its ok if you are a beginner animator the art doesn't have to be amazing just do your best


2016-06-13 07:50:08 by spottysneeky

 i have a new grounds check it out also please go check out and go to my youtube channel and if you can pretty please subscribe it would really help me out

my youtube channel:

my new grounds channel:

PLEASE go sub to mike at midnight and his girlfriend reitanna seishine they need to move out of california and get a new cage for reitannas rats that she loves they really deserve a new cage and they need all the veiws they can get please atleast check out their channel  

mikes channel

reitannas channel:… 

if you would like to contact me email me